Digital Security for Journalists Requires an Adaptable Toolkit

When it comes to digital security, what does a journalist from West Africa, a Syrian journalist based in Turkey, and a French journalist on a reporting trip to Kashmir have in common? Answer: Very little. Each of them is working in completely different environments. They all need to protect their data, their communications, and their sources, but they must each do this in different ways, with methods adapted to their individual contexts.

Russia World cup

Next June and July will be the 21st FIFA World Cup. On this occasion, journalists from all over the world will visit Russia, the host country for the event. Ranked 148th out of 180 in RWB’s global press freedom index, Russia has one of the world’s most effective digital surveillance arsenals. A few precautions are necessary.

Nothing2Hide in Jakarta

Around sixty journalists and citizen journalists attended last April in Jakarta  to the 4M  event organized by CFI, the French media support media agency. Nothing2Hide was invited. On the agenda: workshops and debates on press freedom in south east Asia.