Tech4Society in Kyrgyzstan

Our Tech4press project copies, adapts and deploys. : we are proud to collaborate with ISOK on the Tech4Society project to support activists, journalists and civil society on digital security issues.

The NGO Internet Society Kyrgyzstan (ISOCK) has just launched Tech4Society, a call center dedicated to journalists, activists and the whole civil society that will provide them with emergency digital assistance 24/24h in Kyrgyz and in Russian.

Tech4Society is operated by the Kyrgyz chapter of the Internet Society with the support of Nothing2Hide. This is clearly the best thing we could dream of for the Tech4Press project: a fork deployed in another country that will reach another audience. Congratulations to ISOCK!

On our side we hope to be able to spread Tech4Press again very soon in new countries.

The press release in Russian is here.