Improve your knowledge to protect the information, your sources, your contacts and yourself.

Our digital security training courses are organized in 6 progressive modules of 2 to 3 hours each. We can develop tailor-made programmes: from basic training for the general public to pedagogical courses for information professionals working in repressive environments.

  • 1. Digital safety : the basics

    The basics of digital hygiene: creating strong passwords, learning how to protect your devices and accounts online.

  • 2. Threat modeling

    Context analysis and implementation of adapted strategies: 5 questions to develop your threat model.

  • 3. Safe browsing

    Reminder about potential interception points, how to protect your online activity, understand https, VPNs and Tor.

  • 4. Smartphones

    Which tools to use to communicate securely on your smartphone.

  • 5. Data protection

    Store your data securely: local or cloud, advantages and disadvantages. An update on metadata.

  • 6. Safe communications

    Description The training materials for this workshop are published online and available online under an open license.

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