Nothing2Hide training materials released

Sharing knowledge is at the heart of Nothing2Hide’s mandate. Since 2017, we have been publishing and sharing our training and conference materials under a Creative Commons license.

Over the past few weeks we have updated all our training materials. These updates benefits from the experience accumulated by Nothing2Hide during the training courses we run throughout the years. On average, our organization trains 500 journalists, activists and campaigners every year.

On our training material website you’ll find 6 modules on digital safety to help you secure your data and communications :

  1. The basics
  2. Safe browsing
  3. Safe communication
  4. Smartphones
  5. Threat Modeling
  6. Data protection

All these materials are published under a Creative commons CC BY SA license. You can modify and reuse them.

There are more training material related to digital safety and OSINT available in our French version (if you can read French).


You can help us to improve our training material:

  • By sending us an email:
  • By using the issues system of github, the tool we use to host our files
  • By submitting pull requests directly to our repository, if you’re familiar with github,
  • By making a donation so that we can continue to maintain all this support!

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