Nothing2Hide provides capacity building and security assistance to civil society activists, Human Rights defenders and journalists around the globe. We focus especially on technology and information and how the first can empower the latter.

Our mandate

Created in 2017, Nothing2Hide (N2H) is an association that aims to provide journalists, lawyers, human rights activists and “ordinary” citizens with the means to protect their data and communications by providing technical solutions and training. Since our creation in 2017, our association has trained over 2000 journalists, activists, and citizens in 20 countries.

Our identity

Technological: Most structures involved in media support or protection of freedom of expression (RSF, CPJ, Freedom Voices) outsource technical skills and are rarely able to provide long-term technical support. N2H is a light and agile structure whose DNA is technology for all. Our experience allows us to be as close as possible to the needs of the field and to technical evolutions. Our knowledge and expertise in secured communication tools allows us to propose secured solutions adapted to each context.

Pedagogical: journalists and activists are not IT experts. Our experience of running training courses in journalism schools and with experienced professionals has taught us to discuss technical subjects with non-technical audiences.

Field experience: N2H regularly intervenes informally with journalists and activists who are facing censorship and surveillance issues. Our missions in the field have taught us how to implement effective and quick solutions in every context including non-democratic and authoritarian ones.

Network: our strength relies in our network. During our missions, we have created a network of journalists, activists and technology experts in the field. N2H is a member of the Computer Incident Response Center for Civil Society and the first French member of the GIJN investigative journalism network. We are also partners of Africans Rising, a pan African NGO operating throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Sharing: in order to encourage the free flow of information, all the tools we publish, educational materials or software, are distributed under a free license (CC BY SA) so that everyone can take advantage of them.

The founders

Grégoire Pouget

Grégoire Pouget has been working for ten years in several medias as a journalist, web editor and developer. He then joined the NGO Reporters Without Borders and got involved in projects aiming at combating online surveillance and censorship. After 5 years, and several digital security workshop around the world (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Thailand, Senegal, Tunisia, Ukraine, Turkey,etc.) with bloggers, activists and journalists, he joined Library Without Borders where he worked two years as a CTO to build free and open source software. He is the co-founder and CEO of Nothing2Hide.

Jean-Marc Bourguignon

Jean-Marc Bourguignon has been working in field of digital security for several NGO and international organizations those past eight years : Reporters Without Borders, FIDH, Global Security Journalist, Irex, Euromed, Unodc . Jean-Marc has been running trainings in digital security for bloggers and journalists in Burkina Fasso, Egypt, Turkey, Mali, Tajikistan, Ukraine and France. He’s regularly invited as a speaker in digital security events (« Les assises de la sécurité » in Monaco, le « Forum International de la Cybersécurité » in Lille). He was invited in 2017 at the Sakharov Prize to run a training for journalists and bloggers. He’s the co-founder and CTO of Nothing2Hide.

The truth is that just the two of us won’t change the world. This is why we have created this organization and asked to some talented people, journalists, lawyers, hacktivists, to join us. They are the members of our board.