Tech4Press is an emergency digital helpdesk (thanks to DDP support) for journalists, activists and advocates. Tech4Press provides activists with a hotline, VPN, an online digital safe and free digital security training.


Nothing2Hide is developing a project aiming at distributing a top of the edge circumvention technology. During this project Nothing2Hide will empower several organization with the technical knowledge allowing them to create an easy to connect device which encrypt and protect Internet connections.


Desktop in a Suitcase (DIAS) is portable local infrastructure for areas where Internet access is not guaranteed. Using equipment embedded in a small suitcase, the DIAS allows everyone to access to a “local cloud”. Users can store files securely (encrypted), share them using specific permissions, work on collaborative documents and use a VPN when the DIAS is connected to the Internet. Once connected, files can also be synchronized and saved on a remote server.


With DDP support, Nothing2Hide has assess the use of malware and the infection of human rights activists and journalists’ phones with a specific spyware (called Pegasus) in one West African country. A related digital security training on how to improve secure communications was also provided to local human rights defenders.


With the support of Open Technology Fund, Nothing2Hide has secured the communications files and office of Souriatna, an independent Syrian media based in Istanbul.


Nothing2Hide provides free VPN account to journalists and activists around the world. This allows them to protect their online activities. Nothing2Hide has provided so far 1000 journalists and activists with VPN account.