Nothing2Hide has been created by two digital security experts, Grégoire Pouget and Jean-Marc Bourguignon.

Grégoire Pouget has been working for ten years in several medias as a journalist, web editor and developer. He then joined the NGO Reporters Without Borders and got involved in projects aiming at combating online surveillance and censorship. After 5 years, and several digital security workshop around the world (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Thailand, Senegal, Tunisia, Ukraine, Turkey,etc.) with bloggers, activists and journalists, he joined Library Without Borders where he worked two years as a CTO to build free and open source software. He is the co-founder and current president of Nothing2Hide, an organization which purpose is to help journalists, lawyers, human rights activists, NGO workers, etc. to protect their information and communication.

Jean-Marc Bourguignon has been working in field of digital security for several NGO and international organizations those past eight years : Reporters Without Borders, FIDH, Global Security Journalist, Irex, Euromed, Unodc . Jean-Marc has been running trainings in digital security for bloggers and journalists in Burkina Fasso, Egypt, Turkey, Mali, Tajikistan, Ukraine and France. He’s regularly invited as a speaker in digital security events (« Les assises de la sécurité » in Monaco, le « Forum International de la Cybersécurité » in Lille). He was invited in 2017 at the Sakharov Prize to run a training for journalists and bloggers. He’s the co-founder and current Secretary-General of Nothing2Hide.

The truth is that just the two of us won’t change the world. This is why we have created this organization and asked to some talented people, journalists, lawyers, hacktivists, to join us. They are the members of our board.